7 Ways To Play Guitar Better

You are learning to play guitar for long and now you think that you are doing fine. Guitar players can improve a lot if they could understand what they are doing. Here are a couple of tips to help you play guitar in a better way.

Play with Other People

You may be aware that no two people can play the guitar in the same way. That is why when you play guitar with different people you will learn a couple of new things. You may find different ways of voicing chords or a unique rhythm and style. You can also play different Soundtracks with your friends; this will also help you improve. It is also said that a guitarist’s best friend is always a guitarist.

Read Books and Take Help from Apps

You may find reading books to help you and an old-fashioned way, but still a lot of new guitarists are benefiting by this. The more you will read, the better you will play.

You can also take the help of technological advancements, you can benefit by using different apps available.

Play Your Favorite Songs

It may be a difficult task for you to play your favorite songs note for note, but this will give a real boost. You will increase your motivation as well as confidence level and people will also appreciate your skills of playing guitar. Play your favorite song when you are hanging out with friends.

Record Yourself

You may think that you are a fantastic guitar player, but by recording your practices, whether you are playing in solo or band, you will come to know about your mistakes. When you listen the same afterwards, you will easily point out the faults. Sometimes it is painful, but believe me this will help you in identifying and uprooting your faults.

Come Out Of Your Comfort Zone

You may be habitual of playing a specific style of music that is okay in the beginning, but if you want to become proficient, then you have to come out of your comfort zone. You need to play some different styles. Guitarists say when they try different styles, they learn a lot and when they came back to their own style after trying new styles, they even did better. You will also find playing new style interesting.

Write Your Own Song

You don’t need to be a Bob Dylan to write the lyrics. Write a song and then use your guitar to play the same. When you prepare your own song, you need to concentrate on phrasing, how to change the chords, there are several things like this which you have to do it on your own. This will help you understand the use and importance of guitar in your song.

Get Lessons from Professionals

Every player needs professional lessons of alternative musicto improve further. Don’t hesitate in taking lessons because you are never too old to learn. When you will visit a professional, you will not lose anything. Moreover, you can also ask him about getting rid of unwanted habits, which you may have developed in the beginning.

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