iMovie Alternatives For Windows

Video editing applications or programs are more important than ever. This is because in today’s world of social media and video streaming applications anyone can make their own videos and be great. If you have great content you can even make that as your source of income. You don’t need very expensive video editing equipment or software to make great content. Take Casey Neistat, for example, he makes videos with any device he has and still, he has 11 million subs.

The most common fear or reservations of people to start their business is that they don’t know how to video edit. Sure video editing is tasking especially if you put extra effort into it, but it’s not impossible. If there is a highly recommended video editing software to date for beginners and professionals, iMovie always pops out from the topic. With its easy interface and smooth operation, anyone will fall in love with it and if video editing is your Achilles heel, that might change with iMovie. But there’s a big downside to it, its just available in Apple products (touch!).

How about Windows: It seems that Windows aren’t as great as people think. Sure Windows are good at a lot of things, but with their video streaming app? Please. If you really want an iMovie there are 2 routes to take.


  • Buy an apple computer
  • Get a cracked iMovie for Windows

Cracked iMovie for Windows: You might think that a crack movie for Windows will be the best middle-ground for you to keep your Windows and get iMovie. Although that is a really nice idea it doesn’t really work. You know apple, they don’t like to share their technology other than their own devices. You even have to be a special kind of a repairman if you want to repair an Apple device because they have their own unconventional tools. The fact is that there haven’t been any known crack iMovie programs out there that people can recommitment, although there are a lot that are offering it online it doesn’t really work.

Is buying an Apple computer the best solution to get an iMovie? If iMovie is what you really fancy, then the best option is to buy an Apple computer. But if you can live with choosing the alternatives, then try to see if it can satisfy what you’re looking for. Usually there are pretty good imovie alternatives in Windows and for the most part, they offer a free 7bdays use for you to test the waters. Pretty cool right?

Many people love iMovies. It’s even safe to say that its one of the best video editing software there is thanks to its intuitive, smooth and simple operation. Its ideal for novices and works well for experts as well. The only problem is that there is no such thing as an iMovie for Windows. But you can try the alternative ones because they are the best ones out there for Windows.

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