Tricks to Clean Light Fixtures, Light Bulbs, Chandeliers and Recessed Lightning

Light bulbs illuminate your entire room, but they also attract cobwebs, dust, bugs and dirt. Dirty bulbs can also decrease the light that your room receives while using the same amount of power. 

Challenges of Cleaning Light Fixtures

Most of the times, light fixtures are placed on ceiling of the room. They are usually delicate, which pose a challenge of breaking them. You need a ladder to clean them, which can also lead to accidents. To ensure safety, they should be cooled down because hot fixtures are not safe and can explode. Therefore, you should switch power source off at least an hour before cleaning anything electrical. To avoid electrocution, you shouldn’t use too much water or cleaning fluid. Ensure that they have been dried well before putting them back on and switching on the bulb. 

Requirements to Clean Light Fixtures

You will need warm water, glass-safe detergent, towels, goggles, spray bottle and a microfiber cloth. If you are cleaning a room that requires light during the day, get a torch to remove the bulb. You can then safely transfer it to well-lit room to clean it. At Sofary lighting, you can find beautiful light fixtures with high quality designs at affordable rates. There are different varieties of fixtures available that you can easily sort as per your requirement. 

How To Clean Different Light Fixtures

Cleaning light fixtures require ample time and shouldn’t be rushed through. There are different kinds of lightning fixtures available and it’s advisable that you follow manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. While some can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth, others require a stronger solution. 

  • Cleaning Bulbs

Bulbs are certainly easier to clean. You shouldn’t use water while cleaning them since it can get into the crevices of the bulb and can hamper its functionality. Instead, wipe the dust off with a dry microfiber cloth. Then, you can dip another cloth in one-part vinegar and three parts water solution and wipe the bulb gently. You should wipe only those parts that emit light. Reassemble all the parts and switch it back on only after more than one hour of cleaning. 

  • Glass Ceiling Fixtures

Ceiling fixtures can be grimy, dusty and buggy mess. Carefully take them out and dust them with a dry microfiber cloth. You can soak them in a sink full of water and mild dish soap. Allow them to sink for a few minutes and then rinse it. Dry everything with a cloth especially the insides. You should not use dishwasher to clean them as they can break easily. 

  • Chandeliers

Cleaning chandeliers can be an overwhelming task due their complex design. To avoid any confusion while reassembling them, you should take a picture of your chandelier before removing it. To ease the process, you can add a few drops of dish soap in your sprayer. Spray the crystals over each and every piece of your chandelier. Polish them off with a dry microfiber cloth. 


Make sure that you use extra precaution while cleaning electric gadgets.

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