What are Head Shops? Supplies You can Find Here

The term ‘head shops’ is in use since 1910 and these shops sold various cannabis related stuff and also their accessories. During the eighties these shops were mostly associated with hippy culture.

Although headshop was not so prominent for last many years, but now since cannabis product sale is dramatically increasing, you can now notice the presence of these head shops everywhere.

How the word “headshop” has evolved into a popular vocabulary is also bit confusing. Few people claim that term “head” is an acronym for the statement “He Eats Acid Daily.”

Some others relate this term to one popular nickname for the fans of Grateful Dead – the dead heads. However, most likely, this term actually used as slang that perhaps originated during 1913.

Supplies you could find in early head shops

Following are few of the supplies that you can purchase from any such head shops:

  • Incense
  • Psychedelic visual aids
  • Rolling papers
  • Water pipes

During the early days, people could never buy tobacco or cannabis at these head shops. That is because cannabis and tobacco have never been part of their inventory. Many owners however, found ingenious ways to sell weed or hash to anybody who want to buy them.

Popularity of such head shops had soared, dropped over the years, and now soared again. Nowadays, you can easily locate them in any hippest areas of the USA.

How head shops basically differ from any smoke shops

Both head shop and smoke shop seem to have almost similar purpose, but they are different. A smoke shop usually is a store who sells discounted cigars and cigarettes.

Therefore, one should never confuse any smoke shop with head shop. Any head shop usually sells different accessories needed for smoking cannabis, while smoke shop confines by only to selling tobacco.

Factors that can make a head shop successful

For the success of any business there can be many factors, which can influence. Similarly, a number of factors are behind the popularity of a head shop. Few of them are as discussed below.

  • Sellers or employees of shop must be efficient and also knowledgeable

Right people in the head shop can make great impact about the business reputation.  If your employees or people who sell are efficient and knowledgeable about various products and items, which are sold by the store, they can properly guide the customer to recommend right products for them.

This will easily please your customers too. Not only your customer will visit again to your store, but also refer about your shop to others.

  • Business must be transparent

Those days are gone when cannabis used to be sold secretly. Many states have legalized marijuana including Arizona.

One of the best advantages of any authentic or rightly-certified head shop usually is, one can ask questions easily and get detailed information about origin of all those products and items.

  • Exorbitant products range

Always ensure that your store must have everything that most of your customer will ask for. Never ever turn down your customers and by doing this you can always earn your business a very bad name.

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