How Shopping Waste-Free Tote Bags Are Better for Our Planet and Health

As per the Environmental Protection Agency, country like the USA uses plastic bags above 380 billion every year. In New York itself, there are enough numbers of single-use users of plastic bags.

It will need great amount of effort to convince people to go against using these plastic bags and instead of that, choose reusable canvas, cotton or nylon bags for their day to day shopping needs.

Already, awakening has started and it is becoming bona fide trend of fashion by most of the companies to feel the need for different options while choosing for printed tote bags, they opt for truly reusable and durable bags, which are more eco-friendly.

When you will go for grocery shopping with such environment-friendly bags then not only will you show kindness to the planet, but also your own body as well.

Since, now you are on your waste-free train, hence we will like to offer few simple guidelines to help navigating you to your grocery store almost like a health as well as eco-conscious professional.

  • Make your plan

In order to get rid of all plastic materials, you can start from various grocery routine of your kitchen. You must take stock of things that you normally use in your kitchen.

You must remember even your food waste can also be a major danger to the environment.

There may be plenty of processed food that you may find in your kitchen that you must try to replace with any home-made food prepared by you. Try to analyze about all your regular foods that you eat daily.

Once you have done that then you can decide what kind of grocery item that you need to buy then you can plan your grocery bags of right materials properly.

  • Fresh produce will be new best friend of yours

If you visit grocery shop then you can find plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables available that can make great snacks for you instead of using packaged foods that uses plastic packaging.

Most of these items you can carry in your car by using any cotton or jute shopping bags instead of using any plastic bags.

By opting for fruit and vegetables, not only can you add new varieties in your plate but they can also be a healthy option for your family.

All these items can easily be stored in your freezer and can extend their life so that you can use them as needed by you.

  • Be careful while buying any packaged foods or bulk items

Try to reduce your intake of processed foods that are generally packaged within plastic pack rather prefer not to buy such products as much as possible. Also, notice the packages while buying any bulk items.

Seeds, grains and nuts can be wonderful source of healthy and plant-based protein and fats. Nuts can offer you plenty of healthy vitamins and minerals, which you can replace from your packaged foods that contain certain chips or cookies.

It will really do plenty of good for yourself as well as the planet just by making a shift from your daily items.

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