The Best Way To Get Your Music On Spotify

Spotify is one of the hottest streaming online music apps ever started in India. With more music platforms coming up, there are certain procedures to get your songs on Spotify. Spotify or any other music app does not upload any music for you.

You need to work with any record label or music distributor for adding in music to all apps and it also includes putting music on Apple Music. Your music should be good enough for music composers to record it. Brush up your singing and playing skills before recording a song.

There are so many music distribution companies working towards helping young talents showcase their singing skills. Musicdigi is one such service platform for promoting songs of people and musicians get a chance of earning money through this very app. This website put the music together on all music apps.

You need to pay a fee for uploading your songs on music applications and within a week or so, all songs are played on music platforms. Services of this streaming platform are exceptional with people wanting to use only this website. Make sure that the song is superb enough to put your music on Tidal, Amazon, Spotify, and every other popular streaming platform.

Spotify features for Artists

Spotify recently released a unique feature named “Spotify for artists” and artists have to sign in the same. This feature easily helps in uploading of all new songs of artists as well as it helps in managing the profiles of artists.

It is well the same thing with MusicDigi as well where you can upload songs using their special services. It helps in providing you with analytics of the daily progress of your performances while providing you with feedback as well.

Their website is amazing when it comes to uploading new songs on all music platforms to sell your music online. Two reasons for choosing MusicDigi as your prime partner in uploading of new songs or albums:

  • It starts by paying of 1-year flat fee without paying any amount in between.
  • Your music will always remain yours without any disturbance of any sort. Plus, you will also get 100% sales with no distributing partner in between.
  • Get your music playlisted on Instagram and other social media sites as well and this in turn helps in earning a lot of money.

How to sell your music?

As you upload music to iTunes, you will need to follow the same steps given below but with a slight difference. Some of the major steps are listed as under:

  • Start by first creating an account with the website and this will not take more than 60 seconds to do so. By creating your account, you will get registered with them and people will come to know of you and your songs through them.
  • Upload all your audio files or cover art. This will take some time. Put in information about your songs and why it is special to you and it will take minutes to in uploading. The website is very fast and appropriate for newcomer singers.
  • Next, you will have a column for setting the price and the store price will take in the price that you provide. You will have all control of choosing the right amount for your tracks.
  • You also have the full authority of choosing the platforms where you will want the songs to play. If you don’t want it on certain platforms then your songs will not be listed on those sites.
  • The last step is collecting royalties by seeing your music being showcased on the biggest music platforms. People will get to hear your songs and, in this way, you will start earning money. The musicians get 91% of royalty including all the expenses made by them.

With just the yearly amount, you can release as many albums as you want without paying any hidden costs. The artist support team is always ready to help 24×7 regarding all kinds of queries. The users also get a special release in Spotify 2 weeks ahead of the actual release.

All the Spotify users having a premium account will have access to your songs before anyone else. It also helps you in promoting all your songs to social sites like Facebook and Instagram for the world to listen to. They also help in distributing your songs to many platforms for earning maximum royalties.


They are stated in releasing hundreds of songs daily within 24-72 hours of the songs being made. Uploading of tracks is simple and anytime someone streams your music, it leads to paying of royalty to you.

Make sure of technology while trying to upload your songs on streaming platforms. The process is simple and it is quite advantageous for you!

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