A Few Common Misconceptions About Royalty-Free Music Cleared

Music has become a big influence in your lives. It’s the only thing we need to make ourselves feel better. Not only do we apply music in our personal lives, but also in videos, shows, and production to give it a bit of liveliness.

If you plan to use a piece of music that is composed by you, it doesn’t pose much of a problem, but when you use royalty-free or copyright kinds of music, there are some terms and conditions involved.

Royalty-free music is for which you pay the royalty fees only once. Meaning, you being the purchaser, will have to pay for the music license only once and can use it for all long as you desire. For royalty-free relaxing music, you can visit RMCO: Relaxing Music. Their site has a vast variety of relaxing music for all purpose. You can easily purchase and listen to their music and relax!

The term royalty-free music is still misunderstood and so below are some points to help you clarify your doubts.

  • What is licensing and how to get a music license?

The composer or author of the song or music is the one who has the copyright claims over their composition.  If you wish to use their composition you will have to purchase the required permission in the form of a license. This license will authorize you to use the composition as you see fit. The license fee duration varies and so do the rights of use. You might have to repurchase the license again and again.

  • What is royalty-free music?

Royalty-free music gives the right to the purchaser to use the music as many times as they like, within the license conditions, while only paying the initial fee once. No further fee is required once the initial license fee has been paid.

  • Is royalty-free music free?

Royalty-free music doesn’t mean the music is free. You still have to pay the license fees to the composer. Sometimes they don’t charge fee, but ask to list their work in your credits.

  • Is royalty-free music stock music?

You can find royalty-free music on stock music websites but the terms are not the same. Stock music libraries offer a variety of compositions that are ready to use and be licensed. They offer music on a royalty-free basis but prefer a pay peruse basis.

  • Royalty-free is not a type of music

Royalty-free music is a type of music licensing and not a genre. Any genre of music can have royalty-free music. You pay a royalty on any composition that you are going to use for commercial purposes, whereas, for private usage, you only pay to buy the CD or download the song.

  • Royalty-free music doesn’t mean poor or cheap quality music

The quality of the music you buy depends on where you buy it from and has nothing to do with the royalty-free licensing. Any quality music can have royalty-free music licensing.

There are no fixed charges for purchasing a royalty-free music license. They can be licensed at any price.

The term royalty-free music has been misinterpreted and confused to a great deal. keeping these points in mind will help you a great deal. Always read the terms and conditions properly.

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